Try Our Freestanding Emergency Room Today!

A freestanding emergency room such as The Emergency Center provides patients with comprehensive emergency health care in a more efficient manner than a traditional emergency room. When patients seek treatment at our freestanding emergency room, they will always be seen by our experienced, board-certified physicians, who will assess their symptoms and determine the best course of treatment. We also have ICU- and ER-trained nurses, X-ray technicians, and administrative staff available 24/7/365 to serve patients who have a variety of illnesses, including chest pain, abdominal pain, broken bones, and more.

Compared to traditional emergency rooms, freestanding emergency rooms like The Emergency Center locations have smaller patient volumes, allowing for significantly shorter wait times and a calmer setting for patients and their families. Though we don’t anticipate lengthy wait times for our patients, our facilities boast clean, inviting family breakrooms for family members to wait in while their loved ones are being treated. Our freestanding emergency room also offers other advantages for our patients’ convenience, including:

– Instant records – We provide patients with online access to their medical records, including X-rays, lab results, and EKGs for instant access in the future.

– Discharge medications – We are often able to provide 72 hours of patients’ discharge medications on location, eliminating the need for them to make an additional stop on their way home.

– Onsite labs – Our laboratory can run nearly every test that the labs in traditional ERs can, allowing for accurate results in a fraction of the time.

– Telemedicine services – This technology allows our physicians to follow up with patients “face-to-face” after their initial visit through a smartphone or tablet, potentially eliminating the need for them to make another appointment at our facility.

At The Emergency Center, we prefer to take a personal approach to patient care. Rather than talking to our patients in medical terms that are nearly impossible to understand, we make sure to provide easily comprehendible information about their diagnosis and treatment options, so our patients can make informed decisions regarding their care. And, we do follow-up calls with all of our patients to make sure they are well on their way to getting back to optimal health.

To find out more about the benefits of being treated at a freestanding emergency room like The Emergency Center, contact us today. We accept most major insurances.