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Is Vaping Harmful? Side Effects, Risks, & Care

Vaping has additives that can be just as harmful as cigarettes. The Emergency Center of San Antonio has the tools needed to treat vaping-related complications.

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What’s Different About The COVID-19 Delta Variant?

Due to the spread of the Delta variant, prompt diagnosis has become essential. Our San Antonio Emergency Center provides fast COVID-19 tests & treatments for patients.

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Is Open Water Swimming Safe?

It’s important to take additional precautions while swimming in open water. Learn safety tips for wild water swimming with The Emergency Center of San Antonio.

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Every Kid Active, Every Kid Healthy

San Antonio emergency clinic, The Emergency Center, offers a comprehensive guide to keeping your kids active and fit to avoid long-term health consequences.

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Seizures & Epilepsy: Types, Symptoms, Causes & Differences

Epilepsy and seizures are common, so It's important to know when to get medical help in Texas. Learn about seizures with The Emergency Center of San Antonio.

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Sleep Deprivation: Why Lack Of Sleep Is Bad For Your Health

Sleep deprivation leads to serious health issues you shouldn't ignore. The Emergency Center of San Antonio shares tips to sleep better for a healthy lifestyle!

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COVID-19 Infusion Therapy – Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Infusion therapy helps to prevent high-risk patients from developing more COVID-19 symptoms. Learn if you qualify for monoclonal antibody therapy in Texas.

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Covid-19 Update: Spike in Recent Texas Cases & Vaccine Distribution

As a provider of emergent care in Texas, The Emergency Center strives to continue serving as a resource for its patients and the communities we reside in, and to continue to provide accurate,…

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Winning the Battle Against Bronchitis

In medical terms, it’s usually called ‘acute bronchitis.’ But most people who experience this condition—and millions of Americans each year do—simply call it a ‘chest cold.’ It’s that deep,…

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