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Let’s Make a Difference, Together.

Do something good – That is our motto, and we truly stand behind it. Our team is empowered to do good – whether it’s parking a car for a worried patient that rushes in with an ill child, ordering dinner to be delivered to the home of a patient, or helping to improve our processes. We ruthlessly and constantly work to improve the delivery of emergency care for our patients and staff, while treating everyone in our organization as if they were family.

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Our Core Values

Do Something Good

We actively seek to create positive experiences for patients, their families, and coworkers. We go above and beyond what is required and we look for ways to serve others. We do the right thing, not the easy thing. If it is legal, good for the patient, and good for the company, we do it. We take initiative to improve outcomes and processes.


We understand the vulnerability and fear associated with being injured or ill. We genuinely seek to: (1) understand and respect others’ perspectives and emotions, (2) encourage a culture of compassion, empathy, and support, and (3) alleviate suffering whenever possible. We offer emotional support and/or tangible assistance to patients, their families, and coworkers. We understand how our actions and attitudes affect our team members and our patients and strive to uplift in all we do and say.


We work as a team with enthusiasm and dedication. We have a passion for TEC’s mission, vision, and values. We model excellence and enthusiasm for our work and speak positively and enthusiastically about TEC and its future direction. We set an example of courage, dedication, and self-sacrifice.


We demonstrate a high level of dependability in all aspects of the job. We take responsibility for our words and actions and can be relied on consistently. We fulfill our commitments and take personal responsibility for seeing efforts through to completion. We admit mistakes, misjudgments, or errors and immediately inform supervisors when we are unable to meet commitments. We are accountable to our team, our patients, TEC, and the higher calling of medicine.