Wounds & Cuts

Many cuts are minor, but it is still important to properly care for them. Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether wounds can be treated at home and which require a trip to the ER. Wounds that need emergency medical care are:

  • Those that will not stop bleeding after a few minutes of applying direct pressure
  • Deep, gaping, jagged or potentially disfiguring cuts, to avoid the formation of scar tissue
  • Long or deep cuts that need stitches
  • Cuts over a joint
  • Cuts that may impair function of a body area such as an eyelid or lip
  • Cuts that remove all of the layers of skin like those from slicing off the tip of a finger
  • Cuts from an animal or human bite
  • Cuts that have damaged underlying nerves, tendons, or joints
  • Cuts over a possible broken bone
  • Cuts caused by a crushing injury
  • Cuts with an object embedded in them
  • Cuts caused by a metal object or a puncture wound