Emergency Diagnostic and Imaging Services

The Emergency Center is a fully equipped freestanding emergency room with state of the art diagnostic and imaging services catering to children and adults with a wide array of medical concerns. If you are in San Antonio, Texas and need comprehensive diagnosis of your symptoms, our board-certified physicians, ER- and ICU-trained nurses, and X-ray technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to quickly identify the problem and provide appropriate treatment with no wait 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Emergency Center offers:

– High resolution 64-slice CT scanner

– Digital X-ray imaging

– Ultrasound imaging

– Electrocardiograms

– Lab testing (urinalysis, bloodwork, etc.)

– On site pharmacy

– Critical care/cardiac evaluation and monitoring services

Our 64-slice CT scanner plays a key role in our ability to offer thorough and prompt care. This highly advanced imaging technology is able to detect irregularities that many other scanners cannot. For instance, our scanner is used to accurately identify cardiac calcium scores, which can help patients with chest pain avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

The Emergency Center Experience

When it’s time to leave, we can give you a med pack with up to 72 hours’ worth of any necessary medications, allowing you to head straight home to rest instead of stopping at a pharmacy. We even provide patients with an audio recording explaining the details of their diagnosis and at-home treatment instructions, since we realize remembering these details can be challenging when you aren’t feeling well.

We will send any necessary paperwork and medical records directly to your primary care provider or medical specialist. The Emergency Center utilizes a proprietary instant record system that simplifies the often frustrating process of sending, receiving, and viewing records.

Keep in mind that, while urgent care centers may be open on weekends and have extended hours, they are not required to be open 24/7 like freestanding ERs. Urgent care facilities are also not required to provide round-the-clock imaging services, and these facilities almost never have CT scanners, ultrasound machines, or full lab capacity within their facility. Additionally, urgent care staff members often do not have the same level of training as staff members of freestanding emergency rooms.

Enjoy life – The Emergency Center’s San Antonio, TX emergency room will be there to provide diagnostic care for the bumps along the way.