Should You Go to the ER if You’re Vomiting?

Should You Go to the ER if Your'e Vomiting?

Freestanding emergency rooms (ER) offer time-saving advantages over traditional, hospital-based ERs that may possibly be a life saving alternative. Vomiting can be more problematic than one might think.  Don’t take it lightly.

Should you go to the ER if you’re vomiting? Many people are unsure what to do, because it can occur with everything from a stomach bug to a heart attack. Typically, the other symptoms you’re having alongside vomiting episodes can tell you if you should go to the ER or not.

If you are vomiting and also experiencing chest pain, severe abdominal pain, blurry vision, or confusion, get emergency care right away. You should also go to the ER if you vomit and have a stiff neck, high fever, or severe headache, or if your vomit contains blood or fecal matter. Rectal bleeding and vomit that looks green can also indicate an emergency medical problem.

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