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Life Blood: The Importance of Blood Donation

Blood donations save lives, yet very few people actually donate. Not sure if you can or should give? Here’s some information—and a few tips.

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What Causes AFib?

The Emergency Center Of San Antonio explains what Atrial Fibrillation is, its risk factors, signs and symptoms—and how you can keep it from damaging your heart.

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Causes Of Stomach Or Abdominal Pain

Abdominal, or stomach, pain is a common reason for people to visit emergency rooms.

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Common Sense Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

Kick off the new year with a bang—not an injury or accident.

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3 Common Postsurgical Complications

Learn about three of the most common complications that can arise after a surgery, as well as how to prevent them.

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Don’t Let Holiday Decorating Injuries Ruin Your Christmas

Keep holiday decorations from ruining your christmas celebrations with San Antonio's leading ER's advice, including slip & fall injuries, house fires and burns.

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Your Flu Questions, Answered

Flu season is in full swing. Make sure you’re armed with the information you need to protect yourself from getting sick.

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Know When to Go to the ER: Get Our Free Guides

At The Emergency Center, we don’t think anyone should self-diagnose. That’s why we created two FREE guides to give you some objective advice...

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24-Hour Emergency Clinic in San Antonio

The Emergency Center San Antonio offers area residents access to high-quality emergency care without the hassle and wait times of traditional hospital emergency rooms (ERs).

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