Does The Emergency Center Accept Insurance?

The Emergency Center is proud to offer transparent pricing and affordable self-pay rates, so our patients never receive a surprise bill. We honor most private and commercial insurance plans and offer affordable self pay rates.

If necessary, our dedicated patient advocate will work with you and your insurance to ensure you’re not stuck paying for emergency treatment that should be covered by your insurance plan.

What is the Billing Process at The Emergency Center?

Once you arrive at The Emergency Center (TEC), we ask you or a family member to check in, and complete and sign all relevant medical forms.  This is a necessary first step so that we can ensure that all your insurance claims are processed timely and efficiently, avoiding delayed claims due to missing information.

At the time of service, we will accept any initial payment due, and then claims will be submitted to your insurance carrier to be applied towards your emergency department benefits. These amounts vary depending on your plan and any deductibles you may have already met. We use a software tool that is able to query major insurance companies to determine the status of your insurance at the time of service.

After your visit, our medical billing staff will send your insurance provider two claims, one from the ER physician examining you, and one from the facility. 

Are you in-network with my insurance company?

TEC is not a participating provider in any health benefit plan provider network.  However, by state law your fully funded health insurance plan is required to process your ER visit at in-network benefit levels. The physician providing medical care at the facility may not be a participating provider in your health benefit plan provider network. However, Texas law (House Bill 2183, Sec 1451.457) requires all emergencies to be processed utilizing in-network benefits.  

At TEC, our billing staff and patient advocate will work with you and on your behalf to make sure your insurer processes these claims correctly (in-network).  In the case where your insurer does not process claims correctly, we will refile them on your behalf to make sure they are done right.

How much will this cost?

Our fee schedule is often lower than nearby, comparable hospital emergency rooms.  As is standard for most emergency rooms, your insurance provider will be billed a facility fee and a physician fee. All health plans are different and may require a copay at the time of service. Depending on your insurance, you may also have co-insurance or a deductible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At TEC, we honor most private and commercial insurance plans, including Workers’ Compensation, cash, and most credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

For those patients experiencing financial hardships, we have multiple options to assist you in paying the bill, including installments.  

Please note that if a patient is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, we will not turn them away regardless of their ability to pay.

What is an Explanation of Benefits?

In a few weeks after your visit, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  This is not a bill.  It is a summary of the services you received at TEC, including date and location, and the following information:

  • The amount your insurance plan covered.
  • The amount your insurance did not cover, if any.
  • The amount you should expect to pay.

If you have a question about your EOB, you should call Member Services at your insurance provider to go over your covered benefits.  

Who do I call if I have a question about my bill?

TEC works with Juniper Ridge RCM to handle all of our medical billing to streamline the process, and to make it as uncomplicated as possible for you.  If you ever have a question about your bill, please call 888-732-3317.

Pursuant to Texas State Senate Bill 425, please note the following:

  • The facility is a freestanding emergency room.
  • The facility charges rates comparable to a hospital-based emergency department, including a possible facility fee.
  • The physician will bill separately from the facility.
  • The facility and facility-based physicians may not be a participating provider in an individual’s health plan network.

Please visit our blog to learn more about your rights