Hidden Hazards Of Beauty Enhancements & Cosmetic Surgery

What Are The Negative Effects Of Cosmetic Procedures?

From shops in corner strip malls to posh spas to at-home parties, many popular beauty enhancements seem to be available everywhere. Botox and other cosmetic fillers, lash extensions, waxing, microblading, laser hair removal and other treatments are so accessible it’s easy to forget the potential hazards these products and techniques can carry. 

What Are The Negative Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Enhancements ?

Potential Health Risks Of Botox & Dermal Fillers

If it comes in a syringe, it needs to be handled with great care. There are a variety of injectable beauty enhancements beyond Botox that are used to smooth wrinkles, add volume or achieve other aesthetic results. While anyone getting Botox or another filler may experience a range of minor side effects common to just about any type of injection—like pain, redness or temporary bump at the injection site—there are other complications that may need medical attention:

  • Skin rash with itching
  • Ulcers/skin loss
  • Injection-site infection
  • Ongoing bleeding/bruising 
  • Lumps or change in feel under the surface of the skin

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, on rare occasions there are even more serious side effects that may occur if an injection slips into a blood vessel rather than beneath the skin. For instance, loss of sight in an eye or loss of skin resulting in a wound.  

Are Side Effects Normal After Cosmetic Treatments?

Many other common cosmetic treatments are often accompanied by temporary side effects that are to be expected. However, there are some side effects that are not normal and should be checked out at The Emergency Center.


Normal: minor pain, redness or irritation
May need care: burned skin; changes to skin color; ongoing pain


Normal: darkening eyebrows that may lightly flake temporarily
May need care: itchy rash; granulomas (knot of inflammation under the skin)

Laser Hair Removal

Normal: Redness and some swelling in the hours after treatment
May need care: burned or blistered skin

Lash Extensions

Normal: Minor irritation during application
May need care: damage to eyelids; vision problems

All these enhancements–and most every other cosmetic product applied on or just beneath the skin–also runs the risk of infection. Any infection needs to be addressed quickly before it leads to more serious illness or a greater likelihood of permanent scarring. Signs of skin infection include:

  • Pain at the site that gets worse
  • Blistering 
  • Fluid build-up, yellow crusting on or oozing of a wound
  • A wound unhealed after 10 days 
  • Red streaks growing out from the affected area

Many of the complications and visible signs associated with unexpected side effects from beauty enhancements are due to an allergic reaction or caused by inflammation.

Our Emergency Room Is Prepared To Treat Cosmetic Procedure Complications & Side Effects

The Emergency Center has a variety of tools for treating burns, swelling and inflammation, and allergic reactions like an itchy rash—from steroids to antihistamines to powerful topical creams and more. Our goal is to stop infection before it goes any further, as well as try to minimize scarring. And what’s better for your skin than that?    

Enjoy life. We’ll be here for the bumps along the way.


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