No Wait Time Emergency Room Near You

The Emergency Center (TEC) offers no wait time emergency care for a wide range of symptoms.  Visit our freestanding emergency room (ER) near you. We are located in San Antonio, to get the care you need, call us at 210-485-3644 for more information.  We take the “wait” out of the waiting room, and strive to make our services more convenient than those of a hospital-based ER.

Besides no wait time, we proudly boast 10 Other Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use A Freestanding ER, like TEC:

  1. We are Fully Staffed with Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and ER trained nurses.
  2. The Emergency Center is Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year
  3. A Fully Equipped Facility with State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Technology, Including X-ray, Ultrasound, and Cutting Edge 64-Slice CT Scanner
  4. On-Site Radiology Consults provided; Receive Immediate Diagnosis
  5. We have a Full Service Lab; Receive Quick Laboratory Results
  6. On-Site Pharmacy with 72-Hour Prescription Service
  7. The Emergency Center can Arrange Transfer Agreements with Local Hospitals Bypassing the Hospital’s ER
  8. Immediate Access to Your Medical Records Provided
  9. Immediate Follow Up Care via Telemedicine Services
  10. Our Costs are Equitable, Similar or Lower than Hospital ERs’
No Wait Times

Why are more and more patients choosing freestanding emergency centers?

According to the Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (TAFEC), more and more patients are choosing freestanding emergency centers because they offer a unique and vital set of benefits for patients seeking emergency medical care:

  • Access – Freestanding emergency centers provide access to emergency medical care for every patient who comes to them.
  • Quality – Freestanding emergency centers provide consummate quality of care.  They are licensed, closely regulated, fully equipped for all medical emergencies, and are required to have an ER physician on-duty at all times.
  • Convenience – Freestanding emergency centers provide unparalleled convenience.  They are frequently closer and there is no-wait time as compared to hospital ERs, and unlike urgent-care facilities, they are required to be open 24/7 to provide all levels of care.
  • Cost – Freestanding emergency centers charge equal to or less than hospital ERs for emergency care that often exceeds the hospital ER standard.
  • Satisfaction – Among all urgent and emergency care providers, freestanding emergency centers receive the highest satisfaction scores from everyone involved – patients, physicians and staff.

Clearly, these benefits offer the best patient experience for emergency care needs beyond hospital walls.

How are freestanding emergency centers different than hospital-based emergency rooms or urgent care centers?

As TAFEC explains, freestanding emergency centers are required to provide the same level of access and services as hospital-based emergency rooms, with the exception of trauma care.  Unlike urgent-care centers, freestanding emergency centers are required to be open 24 hours. We also have ER physicians on-site at all times, provide 24 hour lab and imaging services, and stock medications. As state-licensed facilities, freestanding emergency centers must also fulfill architectural and equipment requirements, and train their staff at a level not required of urgent-care centers.

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So remember, when you are in need of No Wait Time Emergency Care Near You, visit our freestanding emergency room in San Antonio, to get the care you need, or call us at 210-485-3644 for more information.





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