Immediate Care Center

Visiting Our Immediate Care Center

Let’s face it – visiting an immediate care center or hospital emergency room is not most people’s definition of “fun.” Besides the fact that you’re ill or injured, such places are often associated with overcrowded waiting areas, rushed service, and general chaos. Thankfully, The Emergency Center offers a better alternative when emergency conditions strike. Our network of freestanding, fully equipped emergency centers provide patient-centric service without the hassles and extended wait times typical of a large, bustling hospital ER. And, unlike the average urgent care center, we provide immediate care 24 hours a day, and all our patients are seen by board-certified physicians.

Here’s what you can expect as a patient at The Emergency Center:

– Your physician will quickly evaluate your condition and listen to any concerns you may have. In the event of a life-threatening injury or illness, we will stabilize and closely monitor your health, arranging expedited transport to an operating room if necessary. We will let you know if your condition can be addressed at an urgent care center, but will provide immediate care if you’d prefer to stay.

– Your physician will work to diagnose your condition and formulate an effective treatment plan. Our centers are fully equipped with key diagnostic technologies, including ultrasound machines, onsite labs, and high-resolution 64-slice CT scanners. Once the problem is identified, your health concerns will be treated by your physician and a team of ER- and ICU-trained nurses.

– When it’s time to leave, we can give you a med pack with up to 72 hours’ worth of any necessary medications, allowing you to head straight home to rest instead of stopping at a pharmacy. You will also be provided with an audio recording of your physician explaining your diagnosis and at-home care instructions.

– Payment will be collected at an appropriate time in the care process, never upfront. The Emergency Center is in-network with most major insurance providers.

– We will send any necessary paperwork and medical records directly to your primary care provider or medical specialist. The Emergency Center utilizes a proprietary instant record system that simplifies the often frustrating process of sending, receiving, and viewing records.

With The Emergency Center, immediate medical care is never difficult to access. So enjoy life – we’ll be there for the bumps along the way.