Common Thanksgiving Day Emergencies You Can Avoid

Common Thanksgiving Day Emergencies You Can Avoid | The Emergency Center

Food Safety Sense

  • Thaw turkeys in the refrigerator, the microwave, or a bath of cold water that gets changed every 30 minutes.
  • Thoroughly clean any surface that comes in contact with raw poultry with hot, soapy water.
  • Cook turkey to an internal temperature of 165ºF in an oven no lower than 325ºF.
  • Preparing stuffing in a casserole dish is safer than stuffing it inside the bird.

Food poisoning isn’t the only risk at the dinner table.

  • Ask about ingredients if you have food allergies or sensitivities and didn’t prepare the food yourself.
  • Imbibe intelligently, especially if you need to drive after the meal.
  • Pace yourself. Overeating can lead to drowsiness—a problem if you need to drive. Heavy meals can trigger a gallstone attack and may even increase the risk of having a heart attack for people with heart problems.

Prevent a Home Fire From Burning

  • Don’t leave pots unattended.
  • Keep burners and cooktops clear of towels, food packaging, or any other materials that could catch fire.
  • Make sure appliance and extension cords aren’t frayed or damaged.
  • Don’t overload outlets or power strips.
  • Be careful with turkey fryers. Never deep fry a frozen turkey, and make sure someone is watching the fryer at all times.

Body Guards

Slice your bird, not your hand. Make sure to:

  • Sharpen knives before carving.
  • Keep knives and cutting surfaces dry to minimize slipping.
  • Cut away from yourself.
  • Keep your free hand on the opposite side of the bird you are carving (not under a slice of meat).

If you plan on taking part in a Thanksgiving Day athletic event, such as a 5K or family game, warm up and cool down with proper stretching.

The Emergency Center has convenient locations in Arlington, Fort Worth, and San Antonio; in case you or your out-of-town guests have an emergency this Thanksgiving.