Diagnosing The Difference Between Urgent Cares and Emergency Rooms [INFOGRAPHIC]


Urgent Care Versus ER Visit

If you experience an injury or acute medical symptoms, should you seek care in an urgent care clinic or an ER? Many people struggle with the choice about where to get emergency care for reasons ranging from confusion about what kind of care each facility provides to concern about the cost of the care. The easiest way to decide where to go is to consider the kind of treatment you need. Urgent care clinics provide just that—fast treatment for problems that could otherwise be addressed by your primary care doctor. They do not provide emergency care. If you are having symptoms of a medical emergency, like chest pain, then you need immediate care in the emergency room. Find out more about choosing the right care facility in this infographic from The Emergency Center. Our freestanding emergency room in San Antonio is open around the clock—365 days a year—for your medical crises. Please help others know what to do when a medical need arises by sharing this information.


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